We believe that eating properly means having tasty and healthy food without extra effort. Our mission is to help the like-minded to make simple steps on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Bite is a 100% natural snack bar from Russia, which consists only of fruits, nuts, berries and spices. The product is made by a team of enthusiasts who share the mission of making healthy lifestyle easy, convenient and tasty.
We make Bite for people who don’t want to compromise between healthy and delicious, convenient and beneficial, economically impactful and socially responsible. We want our product to be affordable and widely available for everyone who wants to buy it. All ingredients that we use can be easily read, understood and pronounced. Bite does not contain any chemical additives, colorings, flavorings or sugar. We just cannot tolerate this kind of stuff, as we believe that it is very important to read ingredients of a product before you buy one. We spent a lot of effort to create the product which meets our requirements. And now we can say with confidence that Bite gives you all the benefits from its ingredients, as if they were not processed.
We also ensure that our manufacturing process is civilized and ethical, and we take full responsibility for the influence it exerts on the environment.

Simple. Natural. Delicious. Take a Bite.
From Russia with love.
Your Bite team.

dates +
almonds + hazelnut +
cacao powder +
organic dark chocolate

Stress is your best friend? Take the BITE with natural cocoa beans, it can help you defeat the it. Pamper yourself with happiness!

No sugars, preservatives, colorants and flavorings. Non-GMO, gluten, milk and soy. * Rich in protein, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants. 100% natural product, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and astronauts.

Our Bite team is sure that everyone could be a Hero for someone. Special talents are not required. It is in your hands to make the world just a tiny bit better, than it is today. To become a hero of the day is very simple - just devote a little bit of your precious time to the one in need. Or say “Thanks!” to someone who did something nice for you. Be a hero. Take a Bite. From Russia with love.
Of course, we can do great deeds together. Let’s start with simple Hero’s steps.
It’s so easy and so nice. Just be attentive and take care of the world around.
Let’s be Heroes with Bite!


Address: 123 022,
ул. Str. Rochdelskaya, d. 15, p. 10
Phone: +7 495 363 85 00

What is so unique about Bite?

Bite is delicious blend of dried fruits, berries, nuts and spices. Our product comes in 7 tastes and each one of them consists of not more then 7 ingredients. Ingredients that we use are very simple and 100% natural. We found out that when you use what the nature gives us wisely, you don't need to add any chemical staff to make the product better. We believe that we make a good example.

  • What is the expiration date of Bite?

    The expiration date of Bite is 6 months. We have developed unique technology that allows us to use only natural staff and still have long shelf life. Also, we use three-layer packaging with metallic coating.

  • Why don't you use sugar? Is it dangerous?

    It’s quite usual that bars use sugar, because it’s just a standard way. We don’t want to be like others. Being aware that sugar acts like propellant, which comes to blood so fast and provides energy boost so quick that leads to high level of insulin realize. Such jumps lead to lethargy and further increase appetite. So we know that and want our customers to know that so they can live long happy lives.

  • Do you care about ecology?

    Yes, of course. It’s very important for us to know that negative impact is minimizing. We don’t practice intensive heating because of this and use only natural ingredients. Also, we try to use only recycled paper. We do all what we can to save ecology and support the environment.

Bite winner 2013